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We’re Staying in Portugal!

Where would you like to Gnu?

We’re Staying in Portugal!

Our time in Lisbon was filled with life – new faces, new sites, new restaurants, but it was also filled with many sweaty days and nights, little sleep, and zero routine. I think that is one of the best parts of #vanlife. That you can create this intense experience – building a life in a city in just two weeks – and then in just a moment, you can drive away to build another. One based on lazy mornings and ocean swims. You can just dream up a reality and then chase it immediately. Change your plan whenever you want. And if we’re doing it correctly we can take the time to listen to exactly what we need to find fulfillment and then go after it without hesitation. #Portugal has been our playground all summer, and after much debate on if we should push on with our plan to explore northern Spain in the autumn months, we’ve changed our minds and are staying here in this country that has given us so much. We can’t wait to share the adventures to come. Big hugs, Dana (&Lou)


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