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What Happens next will scare you! (This is real people)

Where would you like to Gnu?

What Happens next will scare you! (This is real people)

We take you to the Kalahari Gemsbok Park where poachers are counting the Lions. These poachers make holes in the fences and “heard” the Lions to neighboring farms that is their properties and then kill them. It is VERY safe inside the park and there has been NO poaching inside the park for many years. Very strong gun control as well. We go and see if we can get number plate information of the vehicles counting the Lions. This was a very safe opperation, There was no contact with poachers and you are not allowed to get out of your car. We managed to give information through to the authorities which helped them a lot. We help where we can. This week we left the boat on a mission to help the beloved Lion of the Kalahari. Come along and see how we do this. Sailing in Africa is tough. Africa Gets Wild. Sailing Around the world is fun too. We learn how to capsize a boat and live! Bianca gets some driving lessons in the Kalahari, and we have an encounter with some of the poachers. Driving there we drove 10mph and Bianca loved doing so on the broad dirt roads. We left little Miss in the cold because we could not return to Florida or the Caribbean after the hurricanes came through. We were forced to go elsewhere to sail and what better place than in the sun and beautiful Cape Town Africa.


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