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Where would you like to Gnu?

How Rigging Doctor Began | Sailing Wisdom

Ever wonder how your favorite Youtube Channel started? How it came to be? Herby and Maddie take a look down memory lane to talk about how they started Rigging Doctor!

10/02/2019 0

Hauling Out in The Azores | Sailing Wisdom: S3E17

Herby and Maddie are finally ready to haul out and leave Wisdom on the hard while they return to the states. They have a chance to explore Angra do Heroísmo, a town on the south coast of Terceira, as well as seeing a parade Praia Fest.

17/12/2018 0

Health While Crossing an Ocean: Food, Water, and Hygiene! | Sailing Wisdom

Health while sailing across an ocean is a very important and an often overlooked aspect of sailing. You need to eat to stay healthy and strong because if you sick or injured out there, you are all alone! Maddie and Herby discuss how they approached health and well being while on their Transatlantic voyage. Hopefully,…
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02/12/2018 0

Transatlantic Part 12: Arriving in the Azores | Sailing Wisdom S3 E14

24 days after we left the beautiful beaches of Bermuda, we finally see land as we close in on the Azores. All of our planning, preparation, and endurance is coming to an end as the goal comes into view: Land Ho!

02/12/2018 0