The plan for 2023


Sadly we didn’t make it to the line, Colin died and the race escaped us!

very sad times

Well like the rest of the world we have had to do a lot of rethinking and making new plans! My company “Jungle Brands Ltd” has managed to get through the pandemic without too many scares and indeed scars. Some would argue that me being in the UAE since the later part of 2020 has helped because i’m not getting in the way!

Colin is setting up in South Africa and giftgnudubai has just gone live here. The wizard and his team are moving the smaller sites together for and as of June everything is on track.

In the next few days we hope to be meeting in Dar es Salam fo a meeting to promote Solar power and then back to Dubai around mid July. From there is back to the Uk and then do the last few jobs on the Gnu and sail to Portugal. The intention is to get on the right side of Biscay before the end of August, early September. We are both members of the Royal Capetown Yacht Club and are talking to the team there about entering the “Cape to Rio ” race that leaves the club on the 4th January 2023. More to come soon!


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