Passage to Cocos Part 1 – By Josje

Delos was in the Andaman Islands, India and their next destination is across the equator and into the southern hemisphere to Cocos Keeling Islands, Australia, join them through reading the blogs!

Passage to Cocos Part 2 – By Babs

Here's part 2 of SV Delos's passage to Cocos!

Passage to Cocos Part 3 – By Josje

The adventures to Cocos continue with part 3 here!

Passage to Cocos Part 5 – By Josje

Continue the voyage to Cocos with SV Delos!

Passage To Cocos – Part 6 – By Babs

Read more sailing adventures as SV Delos continue passage to Cocos!

Passage to Cocos Part 4 – By Babs

Another blog from SV Delos as they continue their passage to Cocos.

Red Bull Races on the Swan River in Perth

It was one of those afternoons when Tony said to me ” If you’ve not got much on I’ve been invited to see the Red Bull flying team racing!”Well I had nothing on and...

Moonshiners! By Brian

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not absolute lushes but Delos does enjoy our daily sundowner, or two, or three…  We were provisioning in Cairns to take us to Darwin, a trip of about a...

Back in Bundy! By Brady

I have been back on Delos for 12 days now.  It truly feels like I never left.  It's hard to believe that the last time I was here was over a year ago.   What's really...

It’s Good To Be Home

A blog from SV Delos is here to reflect on their sailing adventures.


See the "Pretty Yellow Box?" Above this pretty yellow box? Here is a link to all the best and cheapest hotels in the...

Fujeirah Fort Oldest in UAE

Jais Sledder

Dubai Miracle Garden

Sky Dive

Sky View

Blue Water Dining

Alserkal Avenue