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Dr. Brady in the house! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 225

Hi all you lovely people! A lot going on in this episode!

Capt. Brian’s Favorite sail! The Mizzen Ballooner! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 224

After 2 weeks of exploring the southern end of Dominica we set sail towards the northern tip to explore.

SCARIEST Dive Yet – Midnight ocean SCUBA in 5,000 ft of water! Sailing Vessel...

Ever heard of black water diving? Neither had we until we arrived in Dominica and hung off a dive boat in the middle of the night in 5,000 feet of water to see WHAT was rising up from the depths!

Diving with Sperm Whales- Worlds largest predator!

Free Diving with Sperm Whales, the largest toothed predator in the world off the coast of Dominica in the Caribbean.

Cannot wait to tell you the news! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 221

Big news on Delos! After a short overnight sail to Dominica we begin our 3 week exploration of the Nature Island of the Caribbean.

An average day at work: Scuba diving into a BAT CAVE! Sailing Vessel Delos...

Some days on Delos are very hard work, and some days are simply PERFECT! This is one of those perfect days that all of us will remember for a long time!

We Found the DELOS compound! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.218

After our introduction to kiteboarding in Union Island we set sail North towards Bequia.