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Where would you like to Gnu?

What Kind of Weirdo Brings MILK?! Things We Didn’t Think Could Exist | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep25]

Herby and Maddie take a vacation from the boat work and venture off to the magical land of Flores (pronounced Floresh) where the encounter untouched natural beauty in the westernmost point of Europe and the most western Portuguese Colony. Herby and Maddie saw Flores in the distance as they entered the Azores archipelago after sailing…
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10/02/2019 0

Port at Horta! | Sailing Wisdom: S3 Ep 15

We made it! Now it’s time to get off the boat and start exploring! Come along with Herby and Maddie as they hike, eat, and explore the town of Horta, the fourth busiest port in the world, and their first landfall in a month!

02/12/2018 0