Bilo Restaurant


I had been craving Peshawari ice cream for ages and finally found a place in Dubai serving a version of it. It’s not quite like the real thing but it certainly went some way to relieve my craving.  For those who have never tried a Peshawari ice cream it is creamy and textured and tastes like nothing you will have tasted before so its not easy to describe the taste.

My other favourite item from Bilo is their ‘Anda Walla Bun Kebab’.  This is a patty made from lentils and egg and the sauce used is a chilli and yoghurt mint sauce and tomato ketchup with fresh onions.

Also try their flooda, a sort of milkshake drink made with milk, noodles, jelly cubes, tapioca and topped with ice cream and fresh fruit.  Sounds like an odd combination but tastes amazing.


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