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Where would you like to Gnu?

Meet us at the Africa tourist event

Hi fellow GNUs! If you want to catch up with us this week we will be at THE TOURISM SHOW at Cape town CICC tickets at Whats app us at 00447985533138

Paintballing for Four – Half Price Special Offer

Assemble the troops for an action-packed day of dodging, ducking and diving with this epic Paintballing for Four offer. Put your leadership and teamwork skills to the test as you gather four friends (or enemies) to take part. But you’ll need more than that for this paint gun fight. You need to bring your a-game…
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Hovercraft Blast For Two

Even for those that have done every other conceivable motor sport, hovercraft piloting is somewhat of a unique experience! These amphibious crafts move on a cushion of air created by a powerful fan and are capable of moving over land or water and handle like no other machine! Do you have the balance, judgement and…
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Dads & Lads Tank Experience

Most parents agree that spending quality time with their children is hugely rewarding, so what better way to engage in a little bonding than driving a tank around together? This experience is a great way to encourage both parents and children to try something new and will certainly make a change from more ‘traditional’ activities.…
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Bear Grylls Adventure Basecamp and Four Heroes Activities

Home of Earth’s greatest adventure challenges. Test your limits as you take on incredible mental and physical challenges inspired by Bear’s love of adventure. At Bear’s Adventure Basecamp your guides will inspire you, push you and support you through four nerve wracking challenges which are specially designed to test your mental grit, precision under pressure,…
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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, so why not give it a try and see what all the fuss is about? There is a real sense of fun and adventure in deciding the route you want to take and making progress over the obstacles you face. Whether you make…
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High Ropes Adventure for Two

Fly through the sky and feel the thrill as you scale new heights. The course varies at each location but typically you will be climbing, jumping and swinging from one platform to the next on a variety of equipment from zip slides to swings and rope bridges. You could be scaling heights of 13 metres…
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Ice Climbing for Two

Are you up for scaling Europe’s most challenging indoor ice wall? On arrival at the venue you will meet your instructor, who will conduct a full safety briefing. Then it’s time for you to get kitted up with all the safety gear before heading to the ice wall. Your climb will be under strict supervision…
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Abseiling for Two

For those with a thirst for adrenaline and a love of the extreme, abseiling can give you the buzz you’re looking for. The exhilaration of hanging on a rope no thicker than your finger is immense, feel the delight as you lean back over the edge and make your descent. This abseiling course is perfect…
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Segway Thrill for Two

Enjoy the adrenaline buzz racing Segways around a purpose-built rally course with this Segway Thrill for Two experience. Segways are an exciting mode of transport, they are a self-balancing device, keeping riders upright at all times and are easy to operate. Riders lean their bodyweight in the direction they wish to travel and the futuristic…
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