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Sailing into a NIGHT SQUALL!!!! Life in the ITC ZED- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 193

NIGHT SQUALL!!!!! On day 9 of a 1,400 mile passage we get hit in the middle of the night by a massive squall! The wind is hitting a solid 45 knots and the rain is driven so hard it’s blinding us. We accidentally jibe, take a wave in the salon hatch, and it takes all…
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Drone LOST at Sea! Crossing the EQUATOR! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.192

Behind the scenes on Insta @svdelos Holy hell, Kiril did an incredible job editing this beast of an episode. We say a sad goodbye to Brazil and set sail northwest….to…we don’t really know YET. Along the passage we visit remote reefs, LOSE OUR DRONE, celebrate a birthday and put BLUE through her equator crossing ceremony!

Hidden Treasures of Fernando de Noronha – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 191

Time to explore the hidden treasures of Fernando de Noronha! We start off by exploring Brazil’s most celebrated beaches. Feeling a pull to the ocean we long to breath underwater so we set off on a scuba diving adventure, and man was it a real treat! We had encounters with sharks, rays, and barracuda. Then,…
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Sailing Vs. City life! With a TWIST! Ep.177

From cross dressing in a regatta to the big city of Sao Paulo, Brazil! This episodes covers A LOT of ground so we tried something different. See what it’s like to be a sailor on the coast of Brazil then what its like for a sailor to visit a big city, experiencing the sights, sounds,…
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Rivers, Mountains and BEANS! Exploring Brazil’s only Fjord… EP.178

As we sail into the only fjord in Brazil, Saco De Mamangua, we find an incredibly peaceful anchorage to relax at 🙂 Of course, we meet some more amazing Brazilian friends and explore deep into the mangrove rivers! We also hear about a hike that takes us to a super windy view! Link for “SV…
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LIVIN’ like the LOCALS in Paraty, Brazil! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.179

It’s fair to say that despite Brasil’s amazing food and gorgeous coastline, by far our favorite aspect of this country is it’s PEOPLE! Brasilians always offer their instant friendship and a helping hand whenever they can! Check out our time in Paraty as we make friends with some locals who cook us local cuisine aboard…
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Sailing Brazil’s Biggest Island, Ilha Grande – Ep. 181 Sailing Vessel Delos

It’s a great day sail to Brazil’s biggest island- Ilha Grande! A super beautiful spot with incredible beaches, clear water and even rumors of good diving! I have one of the most incredible moments swimming with a turtle and we explore the cozy town of Abraao where we meet some new friends! ;D Much Love…
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UPS and DOWNS of our Sailing Life- SV Delos Ep 182

Sometimes the boat drags anchor, you lose your dinghy, things break, and you miss your family. But then you have fantastic islands and even better company to bring you back up! In this episode we explore a bit about both sides of this incredible lifestyle. Please be sure to give us a LIKE on the…
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Sailing into Rio De Janeiro! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.183

When I think of Brazil, the iconic image of Rio automatically pops into my mind. And I’m pretty sure it does for you too. There’s just a certain mystique about this picturesque, exotic city nestled among breathtaking beaches and mountains that surround Guanabara bay. Anchoring Delos right in the middle of this 7-million-person city was…
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11 things to EXPECT! Open ocean sailing! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.184

After a pretty intense few weeks in the city we sail out of Rio and set our course for the Abrolhos Archipelago. Along the way we encounter whales, fix our engine, clean our hull, and much much much more! When we arrive in Abrolhos we are blown away by the beauty and go on the…
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