Raja Ampat Dive Log -By Karin


Raja Ampat has one of the world’s largest tropical marine ecosystems and an outstanding biodiversity of fish and coral. It’s located in the north-western tip of Indonesia’s Papuan “Bird’s Head Seascape,” and lies in the heart of the coral triangle.

This group of majestic islands teems with exotic bird life, lush jungle foliage, and a spectacular array of fauna, while the water around them offers world class diving with manta rays, sharks, turtles, huge shoals of fish as well as reef systems that hold an unimaginative diversity of coral and macro subjects.

The Delos crew were fortunate to sail and dive this magical part of the world for two months and it was unlike anything we’ve ever seen.Delos Raja Ampat Dive Log, Indonesia (PDF)

Check out our Raja Ampat Anchoring Guide as well! Delos Raja Ampat Anchoring Guide, Indonesia (PDF)


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