Cape Town: Table Mountain Half–Day India Venster Hike


This half day hike begins next to the Lower Cable Station. The trail ascends to the contour path directly behind the cable station. It is recommended that only the fit and more adventurous do this hike. 

The hike, involves a lot of rock scrambling and rocky high ledges. In return you get the most incredible views of Cape Town. Definitely the most scenic way up to the cable station and you will have a sense of great achievement. 

Climb directly below the upper cable station through a maze of rocks, ledges and outcrops. Your guide will point out historical and natural landmarks as you navigate your way to the top. 

While you are ascending and when you are at the summit your guide will point out features of interest and places to get that perfect Instagram shot. Look for local bird and flower species, the common rock “dassie” or southern rock agama bobbing up and down on warm sunny rocks. 

Take breaks breath the fresh air and gorgeous views with cliff faces towering over you. Welcome encouragement from fellow hikers and locals cheering you to the summit. 

Once at the top you can enjoy the relief of a flat surface to explore. This is the only mountain peak in Cape Town where you can enjoy a coffee, beer or bite to eat in a summit café. 

It is recommended you catch the cable car down in order to make the most of the rest of your day. 

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