Thoughts from Africa – By Brady


As it was just thanksgiving in ‘Murica I couldn’t help but think about the interesting holiday and what it really means…Well, right now I am sitting in a car driving through Botswana. If you would have asked me a few years ago, to point Botswana out on a map of Africa I would have had no idea where to look. And now, here I am, spending another thanksgiving away from family, in Botswana. I am thinking about what they are up to. The turkey, cranberries, stuffing, green bean casserole are all running through my mind. Only this year my thanksgiving is spent driving.. Passing wild elephants, giraffes and zebras. Driving somewhere I don’t know that I have never been and have no idea what to expect….Life is a strange, beautiful, intense journey and I’m so thankful to be on it.

Delos has been on a crazy journey for over 7 years now with big ups, big downs and everything in between. All of the people that have shared time on Delos have had their own ups and downs as well. The journey has taught us patience, balance, acceptance and most importantly to be positive and appreciate the little things in life like long showers, good food and hugs.

We are thankful for this opportunity to see the world and to share this beautiful planet with you. We are grateful to have our health. We are thankful to constantly be surrounded by people we love and for receiving sooo much love and positivity from the Delos Tribe. You are all a part of our journey and we are extremely blessed to have you along for this ride called life.

We are grateful for all the people we have met along our journey and the people we still have to meet.

We are thankful for the oceans, the land and the sky and every living thing that occupies every corner of the world. It is these living things that create balance that we as humans don’t fully understand.

Sometimes you forget how lucky you are to just be alive, to have the warmth of the sun shine on you, to have shelter, food and family. These are the most important things in life.

Unfortunately, thanksgiving happens only once a year although it should be an everyday thing; Be thankful every single day you have something positive in your life. Turkey, cranberries and beer should also be an everyday thing.

With all the crazy things happening in this world it’s hard to focus on the light, so make an effort to smile more and create random acts of kindness.

Life is too short to have enemies or animosities so forgive, accept and rebuild relationships.

Sending positive vibes and love to everyone around the world.
Keep laughing, loving and smiling for these are the things that make the world a better place. Much love from Delos in the motherland, Africa!

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