The business activity of earning for people who are visiting Nigeria for pleasure is a goldmine. Nigeria as a nation is naturally endowed with natural resources and its multi-ethnicity is an added advantage to aiding tourism in Nigeria.

Tourism in Nigeria does not only centre largely on events due to the countries ample amount of ethnic groups, but also includes the natural resources, the vegetation(rainforest and savannah), waterfalls and other natural attractions.

The temple of Yoruba Goddess (Oshun at Osun-Osogbo) is an attraction for pilgrims and tourist alike. The African bush elephants in Yankari National Park, Bauchi State is another irresistible site to behold. Obudu cattle ranch, the Benin National Museum, Port Harcourt pleasure parks etc are not left out of places visitors in Nigeria will want to behold.

However, the industry have suffered from the country, road and water quality. The regulation and promotion by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and National Orientation (a Nigerian government ministry) is not encouraging.

Although attempts to raise the country’s tourism sector brought about the creation of a beauty pageant, “Miss Tourism Nigeria”, in 2014. Shirley Agbolse, Abigail Lange and Gloria Zirigbe respectively who won from 2004 to 2005 tried to promote tourism yet the industry still leaves much to be desired.

In recent years festivals and carnivals have become a major attraction to visitors, particularly in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Calabar in December of each year.

When one considers the revenue that the nation can derive out of this industry, one would wish for more devotion from the government and private sector. The world travel and tourism council estimated revenue related tourism and travel in Nigeria will exceed 10 billion $USD in 2007 and would account for approximately 6% of the Gross Domestic Products. This is 2018 and we have over short that expectation.

Tourism in Nigeria is indeed a goldmine waiting to be tapped.


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