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Instagram Hot Spring in Real Life! [Azores] | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep48]

The island of Sao Miguel is famous for its hot springs, and we tried them out! Come along as we test out the different hot springs, each with its own water qualities. We also explore how tea is made on the islands largest tea plantation, Cha Gorreana!

Why We Can’t Get Enough of São Miguel | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep47]

We continue our trip through the beautiful island of São Miguel beginning with a visit to the town of Ribeiriño Grande. We visit a liquor famous liquor distillery and sample the goods before we say goodbye to Maddie’s mom and continue our journey by hiking an amazing trail through nature where we discover wild chickens…
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Dana & Lou

Cape Town Adventures

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What Kind of Weirdo Brings MILK?! Things We Didn’t Think Could Exist | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep25]

Herby and Maddie take a vacation from the boat work and venture off to the magical land of Flores (pronounced Floresh) where the encounter untouched natural beauty in the westernmost point of Europe and the most western Portuguese Colony. Herby and Maddie saw Flores in the distance as they entered the Azores archipelago after sailing…
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How Rigging Doctor Began | Sailing Wisdom

Ever wonder how your favorite Youtube Channel started? How it came to be? Herby and Maddie take a look down memory lane to talk about how they started Rigging Doctor!

Chop it up into little pieces | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep24]

Herby and Maddie continue tearing out the old head to make room for the head refit they are doing. They also take a break from the work to visit the sulfur pits on the island of Terceira, Azores.

How We Met | Sailing Wisdom

Ever wonder what it’s like to date when living on a boat? Herby and Maddie take you way back, back to how they met and came to be the married couple that is cruising the world at such a young age.

From Cape Town: Eco-Friendly Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai

Start your adventure with a pick-up from your hotel in Cape Town. Take a 2.5-hour drive along a scenic route to get to your destination – the Great White House. Once there, enjoy a breakfast or lunch before a safety briefing about what to expect. Then, stroll to the harbor to board a dedicated shark-diving…
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We Lost All Our Memory Cards! | Sailing Wisdom: S3 Ep20

Herby and Maddie suffer from the confusing effects of jet lag after returning to Terceira, Azores, to work on the boat. While on the island, they are given a tour of the sights and scenes of the land in the middle of the Atlantic. Panic ensues when they lose all of their memory cards, but…
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