Sailing into a NIGHT SQUALL!!!! Life in the ITC ZED- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 193


NIGHT SQUALL!!!!! On day 9 of a 1,400 mile passage we get hit in the middle of the night by a massive squall! The wind is hitting a solid 45 knots and the rain is driven so hard it’s blinding us. We accidentally jibe, take a wave in the salon hatch, and it takes all hands on Deck to get Delos under control and properly reefed as we cruise down the waves making over 14 knots. That pretty much sums up life in the ITC ZED…. The next day we sight land and sail Delos into the jungle rivers of French Guyana. We’re struck by the quiet and calmness the jungle river provides us after so many days rocking and rolling on the ocean. Time to explore French Guiana!


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