Moving to the UAE


There are lots of reasons to want to live in the UAE it is a mixing pot of different people all with the hope of improving their lives. Only 10% of the people here are real ” Emirates “.

From a personal point of view you can earn a salary greater that you could expect in most western countries which of course is a good thing, secondly you get to hold on to more of that money because there is no personal income tax! Add to that the VAT is levied at 5% and so the price you pay for “Things” is less. At the time of writing a litre of fuel is £0.39 compared to the UK ta £1.22.

In the past setting in the Emirates was not so easy but the countries have relaxed their rules and now you can get a “Freelance ” visa meaning you can work for several companies allowing you the time to enjoy the amazing activities here. Think you will be homesick? Well my last return ticket was £340. You can imagine how easy it is to find the money to pop back to blighty and catch the 3 weeks summer that randomly appears between June and August!

If you like what you see you may want to start a company here and now things get really interesting. There is a wealth of skill here and what ever you say about the world the economy here seems to be doing ok.

I started my company here and I have to say it is not a 2 minute job. We are now in a position to help entrepreneurs find the tools that took me 5 months to work out!

If you have an idea and you want to see which of the UAE states would suit you best feel free to drop me a line at


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