VLOG 07: My Trip to Stockholm (part 1)


So I went to Stockholm!! One of my best friends from home was going to Sweden for a business trip and invited me to stay in her hotel while she was in town and thanks to cheap European airfare I had zero hesitation! This is the first in a two part vlog about my quick trip to Stockholm, the Swedish capital city made up of 14 islands. After just a few days exploring, I highly recommend coming for a visit (though the summer might be a better time to see the city in its full glory!) It is quite small and can be really well navigated on foot – though the subway system is really easy to figure out as well which is helpful if you want to do any bigger trips – or don’t enjoy putting in a ton of miles walking every day. This first vlog covers a free walking tour I did with http://www.stockholmfreetour.com/ – I had such a blast getting to know the tour guide and other people walking around the city. I think this is one of my favorite things to do when I get to a new city. There are always a bunch of different companies going out and I find it is the perfect way to get acclimated and learn more than you would on your own exploring. I also found a great bakery called Sattva Naturbageri which is a must see for anyone in town! Next was a trip to the Moderna Museet, which has a fantastic collection of modern art and great views of the main island – plus it was free! Lastly, I met up with a new friend who is the creator of Mögel – a vegan food truck dedicated to serving all sorts of different delicious fermented foods. I got to try so many of her amazing creations and if you are in town and the truck is parked somewhere it is a MUST! Now I’m just trying to convince her to bring the truck to Berlin for a weekend this summer 🙂


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