Fat Pelican and Carolina Beach | Sailing Wisdom Ep 88


Fat Pelican and Carolina Beach | Sailing Wisdom Ep 88 – YouTube

We begin with a very relaxing day in Carolina Beach. Maddie does another painting commission before Herby cooks dinner and the real fun begins! Our neighbours, Blair and Wes take us to the most famous bar in CB called Fat Pelican and we quickly find out why it is so well loved. To start, you get your drink from a giant selection in a walk-in cooler next to the bar. The many rooms are full of the special character that makes this place so unique. We then check out Silver Dollar which hosts karaoke almost every night of the week. Maddie gets her hands on the mic and we have a great time dancing until last call. Finally, we end up at Pops for a late night snack. Special thanks to Wes and Blair for showing us an amazing time in their hometown! For painting commissions: artisticeyestudio@gmail.com


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