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Racer vs Classic Sailboat: The Ultimate Cruising Yacht | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep49]

It’s time to compare a Pogo 40 to our Plastic Classic Morgan 45! A friend has invited us to come sailing on a racer cruiser. It’s a very different experience from what we are used to! In this video, we include footage of our adventure on the Pogo while we reflect on the differences between…
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Rigging Doctor

To be redirected to this Gnu, click on the title and then  when the page opens, on the read more button featured below the image on the right hand side READ MORE


To be redirected to this Gnu, click on the title and then  when the page opens, on the read more button featured below the image on the right hand side. READ MORE

What’s the Deal With SPREADERS? | Sailing Wisdom

Ever wonder why sailboats have spreaders? And why some have many while others only have one? In this video, Herby and Maddie explain what spreaders are for and how they work. They also go into detail about keel stepped vs deck stepped masts, as well as typical single and double spreader setups.

How Rigging Doctor Began | Sailing Wisdom

Ever wonder how your favorite Youtube Channel started? How it came to be? Herby and Maddie take a look down memory lane to talk about how they started Rigging Doctor!

Chop it up into little pieces | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep24]

Herby and Maddie continue tearing out the old head to make room for the head refit they are doing. They also take a break from the work to visit the sulfur pits on the island of Terceira, Azores.

We Have a Dirty Little Secret | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep23

We are living in squalor and celebrate São Martinho and eat whole sardines. Herby finished the closet reconstruction while Maddie does the laundry at a friends house. The boat painting continues as the floor project gets completed. Herby also works with foam core to build the chimney base. A powerful wind storm blows over as…
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We Lost All Our Memory Cards! | Sailing Wisdom: S3 Ep20

Herby and Maddie suffer from the confusing effects of jet lag after returning to Terceira, Azores, to work on the boat. While on the island, they are given a tour of the sights and scenes of the land in the middle of the Atlantic. Panic ensues when they lose all of their memory cards, but…
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Project Problems | Sailing Wisdom: S3E18

We finally make it onto the next flight back to the United States, which then leads to family time and a random video for you to enjoy (DH Mountain Biking)! Herby returns to the Azores to work on the boat and runs into a series of road blocks that seem to halt any attempts at…
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Hauling Out in The Azores | Sailing Wisdom: S3E17

Herby and Maddie are finally ready to haul out and leave Wisdom on the hard while they return to the states. They have a chance to explore Angra do Heroísmo, a town on the south coast of Terceira, as well as seeing a parade Praia Fest.

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