Baja WeeHee, Leg 1 — by Erin


Hola! We’ve made it to Mexico!

We’re at a marina in Ensenada waiting to check-in tomorrow morning. Then we’re heading further south, either to Turtle Bay or somewhere along the way.

We decided long ago to sail to Mexico after the Baja Haha rally had left (a group of 200 sailboats that left San Diego on October 26). We wanted to avoid the crowds and be free to stop where we wanted to. And it turned out that our friends Petter and Octavia, Cindy and Dick, and Eric Rone wanted to avoid the crowds too. So a few weeks ago we decided to sail down together as a smaller group — our own rally of sorts. I dubbed us the Baja HeeHee.

Although, a week into planning, Cindy and Dick decided to leave earlier than the HeeHee. So now our small group is even smaller, and going by the name of Baja WeeHee. So far the WeeHee is on track to make La Paz on November 15, given that we don’t spend too much time in cantinas with cold cervezas along the way.

Today we were escorted across the Mexican border by two incredibly playful dolphins. They jumped and spun in and out of the water, and made sure we were watching by spinning onto their sides and looking up at us with their big eyes. It was quite a show — and lasted for at least 30 minutes. Bienvenido a Mexico!

We’ll update you again when we leave Ensenada, probably on Friday.


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