Paradise Village Marina- Posted by Brian


For the first time since entering Mexico Delos is tied up to a dock with unlimited power, water, and even trash pickup. We’re currently at the Paradise Village Marina in Nuevo Vallarta, known in the cruising community as “Little America”. It’s a stark contrast to the small Mexican villages and towns we visited traveling south. There’s an air-conditioned mall with MacDonalds, Starbucks, and Dominoes Pizza separated by upper scale tourist shops and time share sales offices.

We’re adjusted well to life on the dock and taking advantage of the water and power to get caught up on boat chores like changing oil, polishing stainless, and scrubbing the deck from stem to stern. In the morning we work on the boat and take afternoons to enjoy the beach and pool at the resort.

In the spirit of the holidays we decorated Delos with our version of a Christmas Tree. It’s actually our storm drogue upside down hanging from a halyard. Hopefully this will be its only use on our travels. I really wish we could take credit for this original idea, but the prize goes to Brad on Capaz who thought of it first.

We also took advantage of the fast internet at Starbucks to upload new photos and even some videos. There should be a new link to the videos on the right so enjoy!


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