Sailing to Durban, South Africa – Swimming In 2000 Meters Of Water – Day 6


0800- I didn’t have watch until 1000 so Woke up a little confused this morning without the alarm. I thought it was super early but turned out I had slept until 830! Made a little muesli and instant coffee for breakfast and decided to get some work done before while the morning was still cool. First task- empty all the cameras. We had done some filming but hadn’t emptied the cameras in a few days. Spent about 30 minutes copying things to our NAS over the Wi-Fi Network. Started editing another sequence from our time in Madagascar. Made some great progress and the sequence seemed to just fly together. Sometimes it’s like that, sometimes it’s the opposite.

1000-1200- Watch time! It’s sunny, clear blue skies, and not a lick of wind. Delos is ambling along through the endless blue right on course. We are now only 80 miles away from Bassas Da India and on schedule to arrive first light tomorrow. Awesome! I can’t believe we may be able to dive there again! My watch passes quickly and I spend time reading and watching the low swells roll by. They are a bit more on our beam now and are rolling Delos from side to side. Not too much to be uncomfortable, but just enough to make you rock back and forth, back and forth. Constantly. After a while the motion wears on you.

0100- Brady cooks the last of our tuna seared in a pan with rice and beans. You can always count on Brady for a great meal. Lounge in the sun, take a little nap.

0200- It’s so hot we decide to stop Delos and go for a swim. There’s nothing quite like jumping into the ocean. Both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Even though there’s almost no chance of something coming out of the deep to snack on you I’d be lying if I said the thought didn’t cross my mind. We hang from a line for a while, letting Delos pull us through the swells. The water is about 2,000 meters deep here. Crystal blue and infinitely clear. Amazing! It also occurs to me just how fast Delos moves and how much effort it takes to keep up. Even with no sails up and barely any breeze she still moves at a knot or two. The thought of being in this position after falling off terrifies me, you’d have no chance of getting back on board without a trailing line if you were by yourself.

0230- After taking a nap in the sun to dry off decide to get a bit more work done and sit down to edit another Madagascar sequence. I’m really happy with the progress I’ve been making on the passage. I’d love to have a preview ready for Karin and Brady by the time we arrive in Durban. We’ll see! The rest of the afternoon seems to fly by. Lots of time to stare at the waves, more reading, more zoning out. Really getting into the passage mode.

0800- My last watch for the day. The sky is clear and stars are coming out. There is absolutely no wind whatsoever and Delos glides along. I decide to take advantage of the calm and fill dive tanks. It takes my about an hour and a half to fill all five. Not too bad. Our ETA for Bassas Da India is 0600 tomorrow. How frickin cool is that?!?!?
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