Adventure to Delos, Part 1- By Michael Gunkel


How did I get to crew on Delos?

So….. I guess it all started one glum morning, where I was feeling a little down. Looking back it started like any other morning, except for one disappointing difference. It was one of those “woke up on the wrong side of the bed “mornings. Yep, one those days! You know the one I’m talking about but let me explain. One of those “wake up feeling all the pains and aches throughout your body” mornings. The one where you are fighting the voices in your head “go back to bed- no make it a great day – ahh just go back to bed, you’re going to regret it if you don’t! ” You know it’s coming but you fight the negative thoughts. Then you decide to stand up to greet the day only to discover you have this reaching pain from the base of your neck that stretches up the spine to the back of your head, in to your brain, grabs the back of your eyeballs and starts pounding fiercely to the point where this annoying pain is only rivaled by your big toe slamming into the edge of the door jam. Yep, you got it, one of those mornings!

Now, I believe in the power of positive thinking. Not in the woo-woo sense of ” I think I can, I think I can” but more to point that there are “No bad days only bad points of view.” My Point being -Your psychology can and is controlled only by YOU. Whether you are conscious of this or not, this is a fact. Nobody and nothing can make you mad or cause you to have a “bad day”. Anger is simply the consequence of your frame colliding with different frames or conflicting beliefs that do not a line with your personal rules and expectations (beliefs) of a particular situation.

Forgive me for a bit while I nerd out.The way I see it- We all view the world through our own personal frame, arms extended out holding (think square steering wheel) a 2’x2′ picture frame for which you and only you can see the world through. No two frames can be the same as each of our frames are constructed from our own personal beliefs and viewed threw our personal experiences.

Think empathy- Empathy is the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference, i.e. the capacity to place oneself in another’s shoes. Make no mistake these conflicts can happen within one’s self, with your own conflicting beliefs.

It all starts with Belief. Beliefs are just shortcuts that our brain has created from our past knowledge and personal experiences so we can react quickly to our environment. Beliefs lead to your perceived potential, Action always leads to results and Results reinforce and reshape your perceived potential. It looks something like this…


Can I ask you a question? What do you believe your potential is? Limitless right? There are no limits to your potential! Results reinforce your personal potential and push our perceived potential to greater heights. Now here is the key point, actions and results are external, while potential and beliefs are internal. We as humans seem to worry about the external factors (how we are perceived by others) however the real struggle is within ourselves. What do we, as individuals truly believe about our own potential and ourselves? This is the real challenge we all face.

But I digress. So what does this mean? What does this have to do with Delos? Don’t fret I will answer all of your questions, just hang in there with me.

Delos is not just a sailboat or a crew. Delos is a state of mind. Delos is an Idea. Delos is a lifestyle. Delos is Love. Delos is freedom. Not just the freedom from the 9-5 grind but freedom to explore, explore the seas, new lands, its people, our world and most importantly, explore ones self, discover who we are and establish a new, better state of mind. To fall in love for the first time, over and over again, with the people, the places. To love your life, all life and your own creativity, to create a life worth living and a style unique to oneself. To reignite that spark, that idea that anything is possible.

Delos and everything we love about her is just a manifestation of internal struggle. Beliefs and potential that have been reinforced over and over again through actions and the result…. Amazing videos. These creative gifts are the results of the love and labor of the Delos crew.

Now back to that day. That day looming with fear and seemingly destined to be terrible. What happened? How did Delos help me have a Great day? It’s really quite simple you see. I made a decision to take action and push myself to make it a great day. During my morning routine I simply added Delos to the mix.

You see, it is just not possible for me to watch or read Delos without smiling. Knowing this simple fact allowed me to take a small action on a seemingly small scale that would result in massive positive momentum in my day Because Smiling changes your physiology. It changes the way you breathe, the way you take action and the way you view things from within your frame. Smiling is natural, fun and necessary.

With my morning in question; I took action- I grabbed my laptop, went to the kitchen, opened it up went straight to and pressed play, (Karin’s birthday bender). Listening and watching as I prepared my morning coffee, I took a few deep breaths and slowly started to stretch out. And then I saw it! Delos needs Crew!

What? What does that mean? Then I read and read quickly I did. I felt a smile creep on to my face as I thought to myself we don’t have to wait years to sail to exotic locations, we could do this. NOW!! I noticed my posture shift immediately. Standing up straight shoulders back, grinning ear to ear as I pressed play. I felt all the tension slip away. My body relaxed my headache faded as my mind filled with Rolling waves, light winds, beautiful islands, tropical drinks and of course all the amazing people we would meet (Delos crew included). I watched the short video and said to myself out loud “Holy shit! This is real”. I briskly walk down the hall to my room, grab my wallet and trotted back to my laptop as if it was a fish on a line that I might lose if I did not act now. I bought one ticket, immediately put on my shoes and went for a walk. Walking, smiling, breathing, stretching, calculating the odds (1 in 100,not bad.) ready to face all the challenges of the day.

Stay tuned for Part 2 ????

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