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~ This blog is intended to explain some of the reasons behind my decision to transition from the ocean to the land. To transition from Delos to New Zealand to simultaneously harmonize land based editing for Delos and to continue on my own path with Ramatree ~

Life has many chapters and comings and goings and I always find it interesting that the Universe is constantly changing. Relationships and events come and go, and sometimes the Universe presents you with things that you may not necessarily understand; sometimes not always the things that you want, but the things that you need.

Life is a beautiful and interesting journey of constant self-discovery and experience. My life so far has been an intense one, a beautifully intense, experience-rich adventure that I am so grateful for. I have learnt to let go. Let go of the bounds of society, nature and all that surrounds me. It is all meant to be and there is no way for me to control or determine how it will be played out. What I can choose, however, is how I perceive/react to these events and let these things affect and control my life.

I was sitting on the plane, in some weird middle ground, not really here and not really there. I had been chatting a bit to the person next to me explaining what the hell I was doing in Madagascar, flying all the way to little old New Zealand, and as the story evolved and some time had passed, he turned to me asked me… “So what have you learnt from the past 4 years of your travels?” I turned and looked at him, with wary eyes and couldn’t possibly think of a valid or reasonable answer. I laughed a little and said, “I don’t know man, so much, I have learnt so much”. It was like there was so much up there; I couldn’t possibly filter out one thing.“Well, I’ve definitely learnt a lot about sailing!” I replied, … with a chuckle “I’ve also learnt a lot about myself. Who I am, who I want to be, who I don’t want to be. I’ve learnt that no matter what you say, how you act or what you do, the most important thing is that people will never forget how you made them feel. But I think the most important thing I’ve learnt is practicing the transition between listening to my heart instead of my head”. My head fell back against the headrest and I felt pretty satisfied – that was it. Listen to my heart. Sometimes ‘life’, your thoughts and worries, up in your mind gets in the way with reasoning. It stops you from your dreams, giving you excuses, saying the time is not yet right, or giving you some reason why your dreams are just dreams and why they should stay that way; he nodded and agreed. We talked about life, finding balance and having this feeling of ‘searching’ for something without even knowing what it is.

I guess that has been the most important part of this journey for me, the search. But maybe the answer to the search is nothing; there is no answer or destination. Maybe the answer is just the search. Am I sounding crazy? Either way, here I am. I know I may sound a little conflicting, saying that the Universe has lead me here, it is only the natural way of nature. On the other hand, I’m saying I am also in control, in control in a funny kind of way though. I can choose to agree or disagree with nature, with my heart. I must follow it and let it guide me; let nature guide me. And sometimes it may seem confusing, why is the Universe leading me here? Leading me this way, or that way? Sometimes the Universe provides you with people, events or situations that seem strange, something that you don’t understand at first. You have the choice to trust. Trust it, trust your heart, because ultimately all the answers to your questions are already inside of you.

I know a lot of you may not understand the reasons behind my decision to leave Delos and return home to New Zealand and at the time, I didn’t really understand either. But it was unfolding itself to me. And as much as my head was telling me, are you crazy?! This is the best life ever! My heart was telling me something else. And it took a long time, and a bumpy road for that answer to be drawn out and reveal itself to me. And it is still a little unclear and confusing. But I felt something and I trusted it, and I know with my whole heart, soul and being that it was the right thing to do. Of course I’m scared. I’m afraid. I constantly ask myself, what am I doing? But at the same time it is exhilarating and liberating. My whole being is bound to no one but the ways of nature and myself. What am I capable of? What are we all capable of? I think people are more afraid of this thought than of failing. They would rather sit comfortably where they are and never find out the answer.

My idea with Ramatree evolved from this recognition, this journey of self discovery and I know that this is meant to be. This is what I am meant to be doing. Sailing on Delos has given me more than one person could ask for in a lifetime, I thank the Universe every day for what it has provided me on my journey and I feel extremely blessed in that sense. In some difficult ways, the path no longer resonated with my being. It served me well, Delos served its purpose in my life and lead me to where I am today, and I will continue with new horizons, new adventures, new discoveries, new challenges.

Ramatree is my whole tree of life, it encompasses everything I love to do and want to pursue and of course, like the ways of nature, it will change and evolve over time. But I can carry it through with me, a reminder of authenticity, accountability, integrity, a keeper of the balance. I am currently focusing on making handmade crafty jewellery, bohemian inspired clothing and a few other Gypsy Pirate bits and bobs. I have been writing a lot, which I always told myself I needed to do more often; I find calm and clarity in this way of expression. I have also been collecting, creating and collaborating – I find freedom when I am immersed in the creative zone, freeing my mind to wander the depths and levels of wherever it wants to go.

I will always carry Delos and her crew with me, how can I not? It is the foundations and roots for the growth of Ramatree. Delos is my home and her crew my family, the ocean, always my calling. I will still be editing Delos videos from the Indian Ocean season and I will still read, hear, see and enjoy all of your beautiful comments and posts. This transition from ocean to land has proven to be extremely difficult, of course, however I am excited and looking forward to what the future will bring for us all, so many exciting and wonderful opportunities and adventures to be had! We can broaden our horizons, together.

Speaking of broadening horizons, I’ve set up a few social platforms for Ramatree, if you’d like to just have a look, subscribe, like, follow, whatever you want to do, the links are below…

Much love and peace to you all. May the sunshine warm your souls, the rain wash your fears away and the wind forever fill your sails.

Keep it real,

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