Day Two, Cape Flattery to Columbia River — posted by Erin

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We departed Shilshole Bay Marina at 6AM and started motoring North towards the Straights of Juan de Fuca. Our F-dock neighbors were kind enough to help us shove off and give us a final farewell. Where else would your neighbors rise at the crack of dawn to see you off? Erin did the honors by cutting the final dock line holding us to Seattle.

Today the wind was on the nose so we motor-sailed through the day. The plan is to get get through the Straights while it’s still daylight to avoid the commercial traffic and round Cape Flattery sometime around midnight. From here we’ll make another left turn and point the bow South. Looks like we’re right on schedule so far! The trip is about 950NM and should take 5 days or so. Next stop San Francisco


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