Delos is back in Paradise!–By Karin


It was a bitter sweet feeling untying the lines from the dock and slowly motoring Delos out through the open marina gates.
We had such an amazing time in Davao! Air-conditioning blasted inside the boat day and night, numerous boat projects were completed, we gorged at fantastic buffets, met amazing people, and made lifelong friendships. We even completed and passed our BST course at DMMA University.

But it’s now been seven weeks since we last sailed, and I think all of us were ready for some sweet cruising. So we set sail and made our way South down the Davao Gulf. It was so special to feel Delos calmly glide through the water again, making small ripples in the mirror-smooth water. As the sun was setting we all sat on the back deck enjoying a sun downer, witnessing one of the most incredible sunsets we have ever seen. Charlotte looked over at me and said “Now I understand why you were so keen to go sailing again!”

That night we hit the southern tip of the gulf and slowly started to make our way up the Northeast coast of Mindanao. The wind was not really in our favour but still with high spirits we motor sailed into the northerly winds keeping Delos as close to the shore as possible.  We wanted to avoid the south running currents that can blast you at 2.5 knots in this area, but without getting caught in too many fishing nets that litter the coast close in. From time to time the wind picked up and we were able to turn the motor off and enjoy the peaceful silence of sailing for a few hours.

The following day I sat relaxing in the shade, looking at the shoreline of Mindanao and the glittering water passing by. Then Ash screamed out “Dolphins!”  Dolphins never cease to amaze me, especially when they play in the surf break on the bow.  So for an amazing 20 minutes or so they blissfully swam back and forth enjoying themselves, taking turns to be in the best surfing spot.

The days went by fast and I woke up every night at 3am to Brian’s gentle voice telling me it’s time for my night watch. For three hours I was alone with the boat and the ocean, and at 5.30 every morning I got to experience the brilliant dawn as the sun made its way over the horizon filling the sky with a yellow soft glow

It took us 3  days to get up to Siargao island. We’re now anchored within swimming distance from white sand beaches and a short dinghy ride to Cloud 9, the best surf spot in the Philippines!   We celebrated our arrival with pancakes, rum and cokes and a refreshing swim!  Delos is back in Paradise!


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