Thought 4. By Leeesir


Monday 1.1.2018, 11:30, somewhere in cold Austria

Another Monday. Another thought post. But it’s not a normal Monday for me. It’s not normal because I am writing this from Austria, not delos in sunny Brazil! Yes, you read right. After 9 months of sailing and traveling I have returned back to my home country, back to friends and family and the cold weather.

I’m excited!
and scared!
and happy!
and sad!
and everything in between…

// song choice of the day while writing:

I can’t believe that 9 months have passed since I came on delos. I joined the crew in cape town, expecting that I’ll only stay for a month or two – and now 9 months have passed. this is crazy – a great lesson to learn, that I’m not good in making plans. Things are constantly changing and it is awesome to live with the flow, to trust that things will happen as they should and to embrace every chapter of life. To keep on moving, learning, growing is the way to go. And man, I’ve learned and experienced a lot in the last months. I would love to write about it, but honestly, I have no idea where to start and where to end. it’s too much! way too much! so I won’t even start because there would be no end… I will let the coming delos episodes speak to that experience.

It’s incredible to think that I’ve sailed over 7000nm on this beautiful boat. with all the sailing I’ve done before now I’m pretty close now to hitting the 10.000nm mark. Who would have guessed that? Definitely not me.

When this trip started I was living with random people I didn’t know, and now I call them family. Every single person on this boat has an incredibly special place in my heart and showed me a different aspect of life and oh my god, when I start to remember all the amazing conversations I had with them all… ok Lisa – pull yourself together now. Do not cry.

It’s a new chapter for me and I honestly have no idea what will come. There are some plans, dreams, wishes, ideas, hopes, but nothing really concrete. I have to trust my instinct and listen, and I know that the right things and the right people will appear in my life. As delos did. Although it kind of scares me not to know anything, I see the beauty in this transition. As I started to love to work on transitions in the episodes, to make the footage and the story more interesting, I also want to work on this transition in life to become something special. And how can it not be special with all these incredible memories, people I’ve met along the way and things I have discovered on Delos.

Delos has become a big part of my life and has marked me in so many different ways. I am more than thankful that I was able to travel with her for so long and I feel honoured to share this adventure with you out there as well.

But for now, in this new year, I am grateful and I feel blessed to be surrounded by people I love. I want to say thank you to everyone out there who loves and who shares their love.

Don’t set yourself too many goals for 2018. Things will be different anyways. But always try to be the best part of yourself and to grow and to learn from people or things you believe and trust in.


Thank you Karin – for all the honest conversations we had. I love to think back on all the girl talks, our Aperol time in Ascension, on our beach walks and talks, shopping missions, dance wiggles, sunset times and so much more. You are such a special person to me and I am so happy to have you in my life. Thank you for showing me how excited somebody can be for bacon, avocados and earl grey. Holy guacamole! I didn’t know before that I’d need a Karin in my life, but now I can’t imagine my life without you anymore. I love you so much and I’ll miss you more than you probably think…

Thank you Brian – for showing me what a true sailors soul looks like. For being patient, focused, hardworking, relaxed, funny and always wanting the best for the crew. I appreciate that you always want to keep everybody happy and that you included all our opinions in your decisions. You are the kind of big brother and friend I probably always wanted and needed and now I have you in my heart. Forever. Sorry that you won’t have a movie buddy anymore… but you have to finish Sherlock!!! Promise me!!! I’ll come back when I get my own door and yes, I’ll build it by myself on Delos 2.0 when the time comes!

Thank you Brady – little brother?! Big brother?! I don’t care – you are both to me and I love you for both sides! Oh my god will I miss Charlotte Bell Baskets and the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger… how should I survive now?! Thank you for always being honest with me and for respecting my voice and my opinions. I’ve learned so much from you, probably more than you think. You are an amazing person and I respect you for being you! Keep on working on your life pouch – I want to see some results the next time we meet!!!

Thank you Liz – for supporting me being an artist, for telling me all the time that I’m good in what I’m doing and for kicking me in my ass to believe in myself. You showed me in a unique way how amazing it is to put yourself out there in an honest way and how you can actually help people with your voice and your thoughts. I’m so looking forward to seeing you soon in Europe and to open a bottle of red wine – soon my love! So soon!!!

Thank you Alex – in showing the beauty of nature and the beauty of people to the rest of the world! you are an exceptionally talented and unique young woman with a lot of dreams, wishes and desires. I hope that you can always follow them! Thank you for all your sensational reactions to corpuscular rays, food, rainbows, clouds, sunsets, sunrises and much more… I’ll probably always think of you now when a wonder of nature happens with a loud ‘iiiiiiooooooooooo!!!’ I love you Blue and keep it blue!


So I’m going to say goodbye, bow before all of you and thank you for following my journey on delos! it has been a hell of a ride!

Over and out.

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