There is a Mum on the boat! – By Marta


I am actually on Delos! It is SO fantastic and such a different way to live! I will try to give you a glimpse of what it’s like from the Mothers side of it.

Warm welcome telling me exactly what living on Delos is all about!

When meeting the Delos crew in USA one year ago I started to think about how this dream trip would be like. I got to know four fantastic, young people who had decided to sail around the world and making the most out of life. I was so impressed! But would it be possible for me to come to Delos? In that case when? And where? Of course I have read all the blogs and seen the videos, as all of you guys on the other side of the screen have, but what is it really like to live on a boat? Karin and Brian said it would be great if I came so the planning started. And when your daughter is living her dream there is really nothing that can stop a mother, right!

During the whole autumn it was unsure where Delos would be during my Christmas vacation. The Philippines was a possibility, but then came the typhoon Yolanda and everything went back to square one. Well, on the 9thof December I was on the plane to Manila, and just 2 days before I left Sweden I learned that I had to spend a night in Manila and then take another plane to the Island of Siargao. So, that’s what I did and now I’m here!

Karin and Brian met me at the airport. It is as much as a mother’s heart can take! I was so glad to see them again! We went in a van across the island through amazing areas of rice fields and palms, scooters, people, kids and dogs everywhere. At the pier the dingy was tied up and I got my first share of water, sun and wind. Still wearing too much clothes, leaving the snow in Sweden behind, little did I know of how the following days were going to change me!

Going on a ride with “Maggie the Dingy” .

After a short ride, Maggie is fast with only 3 people onboard, I finally saw her– SV Delos!  Like a postcard, white in the blue ocean just outside a green island with palms and white sand. So I climbed on board and met the rest of the crew – Brady and Josje, and it was so wonderful to meet them again! Their friends, Charlotte and Ash, were also on the boat so now we were a crew of 7.

When I write this I have lived on Delos for 3 days. It is such a different life! I think the way to describe it is that everything gets multiplied. So let me describe some of the a-lot-things, and please don’t get me wrong now. All of this is as it should be, but it takes some time getting use to and to be honest I am not there yet.

There is a lot of water! Okay, we are on a boat, but I feel I have been constantly wet for the last three days. Swimming, diving, taking showers, getting soaked riding the dingy or from the poring rain, sweating, shower again and why not take another swim…

Then there is the sun. There is a lot of sun, and as you are basically outside all the time you get a fair share of it. I am glad for the wind, which brings us to the next a-lot-thing. It is blowing ALL the time. The wind fills my whole body and I feel I’m getting a least double the oxygen than normal. I don’t think I need to describe the hair style I have already gotten from all this. Wild is the word and I am beginning to consider rasta… How the Delos crew manage to look so unharmed through all of this is a mystery! They have been sailing for months and after 3 days I look completely battered. How do they do it Iwonder? I just have to find out so I can learn!

There is a lot of movement! Everything is rocking. The floor is moving, the stairs, the bed, the toilet, the sofas … EVERYTHING is moving ALL the time. The constant rocking of the boat is very special when you are not use to it. Even the stove is rocking when you cook, or come think of it, maybe that’s the only thing that’s not moving … Well, I don’t know. I get a bit confused from all the rocking!

And then there are a lot of social activities, as you are basically living on top of each other. There is no privacy, and the strange thing is that it feels so natural. Delos is a big boat and I guess you can hide behind the curtains or close a door somewhere, but why should you? You hear everything, see everything and show everything, sort of. If you are on the toilet and someone passes and says Hello! you just say Hi! and go on with your business. And that’s that.

Oh yes, another lots-of. Physical activity. Climbing on to Delos, in to the dingy, trying to stay on during the wild scooter rides, swimming, diving and balancing around the boat all the time. It’s pretty intense, but I like it. It feels like I’m living in a total body work out. Some things needs a bit of more practice though, like getting into the dingy after swimming.
“-Just give it a good kick with the fins and pull yourself up!”
Okay … I’m kicking like mad and next to nothing happens …
“-If you turn your foot the other way and swing your leg around you will get in!”
Okay … and how is that even possible …? I’m lying there on my tummy feeling like a seal that has just stranded!

Well, this is a glimpse of my first days on Delos! It has been SO great and tomorrow we are sailing! All the fantastic things I will experience, it’s just crazy! Stay tuned! The Mum will be back!


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