Raja Ampat Dive Log -By Karin

Raja Ampat has one of the world’s largest tropical marine ecosystems and an outstanding biodiversity of fish and coral. It’s located in the north-western tip of Indonesia’s Papuan “Bird’s Head Seascape,” and lies in...

Espiritu Santo, Mexico — posted by Erin

When I visit somewhere for the first time, it rarely happens that the pictures I’ve held in my mind match the reality of the place.

La Paz

It’s another beautiful sunny day here in La Paz, Mexico.

Baja WeeHee, leg 2.415 — by Erin

We’re still at it. The WeeHee boats are making tracks south, in about 10 knots of breeze.

Leg 2, continued more… — by Brian

We’re having great luck keeping in touch with the other We-He boats and feel connected to our cruising friends...

Leg 2, continued… — by Erin

We’ve been sailing since we left Ensenada and we’re making great progress south. We’re about 100 miles from Turtle Bay, which we’ll skip so we can take advantage of the wind while we have it.

Baja WeHe Leg 2- By Brian

The forecast calls for good NW breeze over the next few days so we’re taking advantage of it to get further south.

Time on Delos- By Jesse

Time is an interesting thing. I remember being a young boy watching the clock when 1 hour seemed like an eternity. When driving up the coast to Brisbane was a marathon and the summer...

Baja WeeHee, Leg 1 — by Erin

Hola! We’ve made it to Mexico!

The Best Day of Your Life!

You will be collected from your hotel in a beautiful "Rolls Royce" and from then on the days is your! You can choose the...

Exodus from Tenacatita