Starting Where We Left Off- By Josje


Its really nice to start a new adventure in the same place where we left our last one… A year and a half ago, we ended our south pacific journey in the backpacker city of Cairns, Australia. It was the finish line after a pretty epic adventure. But we were so eager to cross that little finish line; we were tired, out of money and had obviously spent way too much time in the sun. Fast forward 18 months, and Delos is anchored in pretty much the same spot and we’re all together again. Even though Cairns is still filled with European backpackers and gypsies busking on the side of the street, the four of us have grown so much individually and also together.

My whole perception on Cairns and being back on the boat is different, but in a good way. Everything has much more clarity, everything feels way more organised and I have a bigger feeling of appreciation for everything. For life, my family, my friends, the boat, and how we’re so lucky to to travel this way, being on holiday for ridiculous amounts of time. I also really love the fact that we all managed to go off and do our own thing for a while, visit family and friends, make some money (very crucial) and enjoy life on land for a while. All this time having a little image of Delos in the back of our mind, having a little goal, a vision that we would all be back to do this again. And we did it! The dynamics are wicked and the boat is getting a serious cleaning makeover and getting kitted out with some pretty fucking cool toys. The teams’ been getting pretty creative with the little things that make the boat feel like home.  We’re all pretty excited with the things we’re gonna be able to do… Stay tuned!!

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