The Details Of Delos- By Marta


The smallest detail can make the biggest difference!

After living on Delos for a couple of weeks I started to notice more and more of all the little details on the boat. In the beginning I noticed and learned about the bigger obvious things, like the sails, cockpit and masts, but after some time the smaller things started to catch my eyes. Markings, logos, mutters, knots and stitches. So small but so important. I even started thinking of them as being interesting and beautiful, and decided to take some close up photographs. This revealed new patterns. Its funny sometimes when you look at things through a camera lens how you see things you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

Winding pattern. Maybe illustrating the way of life.

It also became clear to me how super important the small details are when sailing. That the knob for the hatch is easy to open and close, the cleat is placed in the right spot, the rail has the right height, handles placed where you need them etc. etc. And the tougher the conditions get, the more important the smallest details get. That everything works and is easy to handle when the wind is roaring and the waves are tossing Delos around. Or when you sail alone in the dark of the night. Or, come to think of it, when you are having a “dark day” …

So many things that need to be held, in the right way and in ALL kind of weathers.

And again I realize; what applies for Delos and sailing also applies for life as a whole. When everything is humpty-doodle-doo, no worries in sight and you are on top of the world – then you can conquer anything. Just bring it on! You probably don’t even notice the small things. But then life turns around and gets rough, and you maybe feel alone, sensitive or sad – well then every little challenge suddenly feels like a war. You just can’t take it. The smallest detail becomes insurmountable – something not working the way you planned, a swift glance from someone, an innocent comment, a broken promise. The tougher the situation is the more important the details get.

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